Hot Tent Camping in Snow | Wood Stove Pad Thai


This was my first time hot tent camping in snow for the season! Hot tent camping in snow is my favorite. I chased this storm high into the mountains at 7,300 ft (2,230 m) elevation. The view at the top was completely breathtaking! All around me I could hear the wind blowing through the forest, waves lapping on the shore, and birds singing happily in the trees. Truly my favorite time of year. I fired up the wood stove and cooked up some chicken pad thai to warm me up. It snowed through the night and ambient temperatures hovered around 23 F (-5 C) but I stayed toasty with the wood stove blazing. What an awesome trip!

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►Pomoly T1 Mini Wood Stove:

►Heat Powered Stove Fan:

►Bestargot Titanium Insulated Pot:

►SeaToSummit 1.2L Alpha Pot:

►Jetboil Summit Skillet:

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Finding Camp
01:11 Hot Tent Setup
01:45 Wood Stove Setup
02:21 Firewood Processing
03:49 Bed Setup
04:04 Starting the Wood Stove
05:19 Cooking Dinner
07:38 Bedtime
09:04 Cooking Breakfast
11:38 Breaking Camp

Let's Go Camp!